1. Site Coordinator Corner (Added 11/8/2015)
  2. PUB 5166 Quality Site Requirements (Added 11/8/2015)
  3. Site Paperwork Flow – 2012 This document was created to assist the LC/ERO in setting up the paperwork flow for their site.  This is intended to be used as a guide.  Each LC/ERO should set up their site as they feel comfortable.  This document will be discussed at the ERO training in January. There are only three requirements and they are:
    1. No taxpayer data can be retained (includes intake form)
    2. Taxpayer data must not leave the taxpayer’s sight.
    3. ERO must have a way to determine what returns to transmit.
  4. Accounting for Every Return Initiated at a Site
  5. IRS Top 10 Reject Codes
  6. Who Do I Contact 2013
  7. ERO PowerPoint – 20120PowerPoint presentation of the ERO Training.
  8. Excel Template to track Activity – This spreadsheet will allow you to enter daily activity for your site and then when time to do the Activity Reporting on the AARP Volunteer Portal you will have the numbers.
  9. Incident Form General Protocol
    1. Incident Form
    2. Instructions
  10. Tax Prep Tools (Added 1/17/2016)
  11. Tax-Aide Local Site Review Forms (Added 1/17/2016)
  12. Site Handout SSN (Added 1/17/2016)

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